XL Turkey Feet

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Our air dried turkey feet are a nutritious and delicious treat for dogs that offer multiple health benefits. They're rich in protein, calcium, glucosamine, and chondroitin, which support joint health, mobility, and bone strength. With their abrasive texture, they also help clean dogs' teeth, reducing plaque and tartar build-up and promoting better dental health.

PAW-some product... and here's why

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The benefits:

* 100% Turkey
* 100% Natural
* XL Size
* No additives or preservatives
* High in protein
* Gluten & Grain free
* Contains chondroitin which helps to aid joint pain
* Full of calcium
* Helps support healthy teeth and gums
* Suitable for puppies over 16 weeks
* Packed with nourishing and wholesome nutrients
* Responsibly sourced
* The slow drying process breaks down the connective tissues, making them softer and more easily digestible

Due to being a natural product shape and size may vary.

Fresh drinking water should be available at all times and supervision is recommended. Feed as a treat or reward anytime as part of a balanced diet. Store in a cool dry place.

3 Pack

Composition: 100% Turkey

Analytical Constituents: Protein 31.9%, Fat 33.8%, Ash 11.4%

Due to being a natural product shape and size may vary.