FECLAB Dog and Cat Lungworm Test Kit

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A proven method of determining if an animal has a parasitic worm infestation is by looking for the presence of worm eggs in the animals stools.  By using worm egg counts as part of your animal’s health regime you can reduce the need for giving your pet regular worming tablets.  This avoids the overuse of chemicals to treat for worms that may not be there.  With this method, we can also reduce the resistance that the parasites can develop through continuous use of chemicals that can then result in worming tables being less effective.

A kit will be sent for you to collect your sample, which will then be returned to the lab for testing.

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Instructions for use:
1. Hold the red part of the tube system and then turn anti clockwise. Remove the red end (containing the white tip) by pulling it up.
2. Insert the white part of the tip (that has notches on) in to the stool and turn 3 – 4 times in order for the sample to collect in the notches.
3. Replace the red part back in to the tube and twist clockwise to lock.
4. Place the whole tube system in to the bubble wrap bag and seal.
5. Complete your information form
6. Place both the bubble wrap bag (now containing your sample) and your leaflet in to the free post returns envelope.
7. Pop it in a standard letter box.

Please note:
A Fecal egg count is a snap shot of a specific moment in time. The test detects eggs of mature parasites that live inside the body and pass their eggs to the outside by shedding them into the dogs stool’s. It is possible that at the time of testing the parasites are too young to produce eggs, if no eggs are being shed the infection cannot be detected. There is also a possibility the eggs are In such small numbers at the time of testing they would be undetectable Thus showing a negative result.

The above is extremely rare but we would like to point out the possibilities.

Taking Your samples:
Intestinal Worm Sample: 1 sample (1 x Pot)

*Puppy Intestinal Worm Kits & Pooled Puppy Kits will contain 3 x sample pots and require 1 x sample per day, taken over 3 consecutive days.

Lungworm: 3 Samples (3 x pots) 1 sample to be taken each day, for three consecutive days.

Samples can be taken from any time of the day (ideally the first stool of the day).

If collecting over three days for lungworm please place samples somewhere cool (they do not need to go in your fridge).

Kit Instructions:
Place your sample/s in the sample pot/s provided, using the glove/s.
Place sample pot/s in to the leak-proof bag (clear bag) & seal. *Please write your dogs name on the bag*
Place your sample/s (now in leak-proof bag) in to the box, along with your (completed) information leaflet and close the lid.
Place the security seal (as per label on the box) to seal.
Then simply pop it in a standard letter box.
All Feclab kits contain a 1st Class, Prepaid returns envelope (excluding the Giardia Rapid Antigen Home test kit).
Kits can be posted in a standard letterbox, saving you the trip to a post office.

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