Frozen Delights: Recipes to Fill and Freeze Your Natural Buffalo Horn

Frozen Delights: Recipes to Fill and Freeze Your Natural Buffalo Horn

Keep your furry friends cool and hydrated this summer with frozen buffalo horn treats. They provide a refreshing cooling sensation, boost hydration, offer long-lasting enjoyment, and are a healthy alternative. Beat the heat and give your dog a satisfying experience with frozen buffalo horns!

To provide mental stimulation and endless fun for your dog, fill and freeze a natural buffalo horn. Here are three delicious recipes to try:

  1. Peanut Butter Paradise:
  • Fill the hollow centre of the horn with natural peanut butter.
  • Add chopped banana or apple for a fruity twist.
  • Sprinkle treats from our Bites Range over the top. 
  • Freeze and give it to your dog for a tasty and interactive treat.
  1. Meaty Surprise:
  • Mix cooked and diced meat with finely chopped vegetables.
  • Fill the horn's hollow centre with the meat and vegetable mixture.
  • Pour low-sodium chicken or beef broth into the horn.
  • Freeze and offer the delightful combination of flavours to your dog.
  1. Yogurt Heaven:
  • Spoon plain, unsweetened yogurt into the hollow centre.
  • Add fresh berries or sliced banana for flavour and nutrition.
  • Optionally, drizzle a small amount of honey on top (remember only a small amount)
  • Freeze and give your dog this refreshing and creamy treat.

Remember to supervise your dog while they enjoy these treats and consult your veterinarian for any dietary concerns. Additionally, having two buffalo horns on hand ensures continuous fun, prevents boredom, and allows for easy transitions during playtime.

Provide your furry friend with mental stimulation and tasty treats by filling and freezing buffalo horns. With these recipes and two horns in rotation, your dog will have a never-ending supply of frozen delights.